The ' *Wildcard Creator* '

Latest Sculpture, The Repstrap 3D printer named, ” The * WILDCARD * Creator “

Finally got around to posting some images of the RepStrap 3D printer after spending most of 2012 meticulously crafting it from carefully selected bits and pieces found in my collection of unwanted tech artifacts donated by a varied collection of worthy souls in the ‘Hack Space Sculpture Studio’

The printer is that collection of metal, glass and wood in the centre of the image.The 3D objects are built a layer at a time on the piece of glass.

The glass build plate is mounted on a stripped down scanner and moves backwards and forwards . It is also moved up and down by the screw thread you can just see on the left of the picture.

The wooden structure that looks a bit like a printer cartridge is mounted on a 2D printer carriage which moves it from left to right.
In the bottom of the wooden structure is mounted the Hot End. This is where a controlled stream of molten plastic is extruded to form each layer of the model being printed.

So far have managed to get one or two test pieces to build. You can see the early rejects in the bottom right of the image.