Gro-Bot Organeec 8 : Into the MISTS OF TIME !


How to get the nutrient solution to the roots of the growing plants ? I’ve decided to try a hybrid approach where :

  1. The nutrient is pumped from the container and drip fed to the plant roots and returning back to the container.
  2. At the same time the container will be filled with mist from the humidifier in order to keep the roots from drying out and possibly to encourage the dripping nutrient to cover most of the growing root system.

That’s why this BIg Baby was purchased, half price at £15.00. Available in drug stores and baby product suppliers here in England being used to keep the centrally heated bedrooms of babies at the optimum humidity levels for the baby to grow / sleep in.

The image below shows the base of the humidifier with the piezo ceramic ultrasonic generator in the centre of the metal ring. This is where the solution is vibrated and separates into 200 nm – 1500 nm sized particles. which the rise up the central tube and will be guided through a tube into the gro chamber.