Gro-Bot Organeec 9 : Window into the BRAIN


Finally decided that access to the BRAIN wiring in case of a fault or re-design would be needed without opening the door and carefully performed a fridge brain lobotomy using that piece of trusty specialized equipment the unmounted metal saw blade. The saw blade cut through the insulating outer layer with ease and slowed down only when the refrigerant circulation tubes were encountered. Now it is time to tidy the wiring, insert the arduino, relay board and the Raspberry Pi2 Brain. After that building a, nutrient module seems the best way to go as there isn’t room to mount the humidifier on or inside the fridge. By the side or on top ? Next model might be better in an upright fridge/ freezer then the fridge section can house the, electronics and nutrient modules, and the freezer section the growing section.