Holmfirth Art Week

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Open to the public from 10.00 a.m. today and one of the major art happenings around Huddersfield is the annual Holmfirth Art Week. Two of the Soul Oaks are at the show all week drinking in the heady arty brew that’s on tap, £2.00 a visit.

A SHIFT-Y look round this morning brought into focus the wide range of ability and subject matter that forms the mainstay of this essentially 2D show, see Paula Moss , John Coombes and Jean Bashford and Robert Norbury.
Jewellery and ceramics showing an increase in the number of entries along with some excellent furniture pieces, Look out for Mick Silkstone, Alison Cambell and Ian Marsh.
Amongst the sculptors Look out for, David Mayne , Mick Kirby-Geddes , Wayne Markwort , Jamie Frost, and Julian Pratt.

Ahh, now for the Fringe again, over the road and into the Co-Op car park just in time to see A Load of old balls……

Waiting outside the Methodist Church for the morning service to end so that they could get in and erect some serious Heres fencing upon which they were mounting the Exhibition of the same name. Trash 11 Treasure were presenting 250 works from 42 artists. Probably just as well the methodists hadn’t seen the connection, Eh !!

Here are a few ballsy sayings uttered by one of the characters in a novel called Shibumi when in a tight situation, just to round off.


Vapourous balls of the Holy Ghost!

Hopeless balls of St Jude.

Damp balls of St. John the Baptist.

Rocky balls of St. Peter

Burning Balls of the Bush.