Hinderwell show August 2022

The, ‘ Show ‘, is an annual event that celebrates rural pastimes and activities. Throughout East Yorkshire a number of villages and towns hold a, ‘ Show ‘, during the Summer months. This... READ MORE

Rook Skull 1

Finally got back to carving and came up with a first attempt at creating a skull. A rook skull became the object of re-creation as I found a baby one which had fallen... READ MORE

The ‘ WILDCARD ‘ Gro-Bot Organeec 1

Found myself looking for a new Readymade Art project, and came across this, TED talk, by Caleb Harper, http://www.ted.com/talks/caleb_harper_this_computer_will_grow_your_food_in_the_future. Just what was needed, but having checked through the OPEN AGriculture site, http://openag.media.mit.edu/ ,... READ MORE