Profile Pics … A New LOOK

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Okay, We’re back from our Tour de France, not on 2 wheeled transport I might add but dans le Campeurvan, we did 5.5 weeks this time. What an absolutely luscious, mouth watering, feast of delightful delicacies passed into our brains digestive tract, saite, monsieur ? Oh OUI  !!!! Les image will be posted when I get them sorted. I know I say that every year. C’est la vie.

Now, let’s get down to the real purpose of this post. As some of you observant types will have already spotted my profile pic has changed, keep spotting, ‘cos it’s got a mind to get morphing and not only that it wants to make friends with other, Profile Pics.

You see, it’s always the same when an inanimate object gets into personification there’s no telling what it will get up to.

Here’s what it said, ” Go forth, O Master, into the fields of plenty. Bring back unto me the gift of curated, Profile Pics, so that I might be amongst mine own for I am lonely without friends for company and begetting. ”

Well, what with the deep sounding voice of authority and all that backing noise I began to doubt that I was the Master, anyway, I’m off to do it’s bidding and arriving shortly in one form or another will be a curated collection of Profile Pics of course they will not in any way have the capacity to look at you or me but they will, I am sure, give you and me A New LOOK.