Musak Box

Musak Box
Musak Box
Musak Box front
Musak Box front


Latest sculpture based on the band saw box making technique just in time for the Marsden Jazz festival 2013.
As you can see it has two boxes which are removed for playing.

Three plastic Sheep

3D printed beer mat
3D printed beer mat


Entry for the Masham Arts Festival, 25 October – 2 November 2013 , Beer Mat curated collection 2013.
Almost a readymade, the base was within my Blender 3D app skills, the sheep were readymade files from Thingiverse.
The PLA plastic will be painted with acrylic paint later as this is a picture of it straight off the *wildcard* Creator 3D printer.
I think I’ll paint one of the smaller sheep black, the others white.

The * WILDCARD * Creator goes public


*Wildcard* Creatot at Cafe Ollo
The Creator on show in Cafe Ollo, Huddersfield Media Centre, one of the venues for the HOST preview week trail 2013.
Here the 3D printer functionality of the sculpture was turned off so as to allow the sculptural aspects to dominate the piece.
A selection of it’s output was on show including the first ever 3D print, in the World of,

The Thinker at the Fountain.

Photovore dissection

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The Nanologist has performed a dissection of a photovore to show it’s inner workings for those who are interested. Further information is to be found under Mark W Tilden on Wikipedia , and Dave Hrynkiw,
Photovore Dissection
Photovore Dissection

Mobile phone

Spring cleaning in the studio unearthed my old friend Drum Head. He emerged from a piece of decaying ornamental cherry a few years ago and was fitted with a Yamaha drum machine. Decided to rename him to, ‘ Mr Mobile Phone ‘ and put a price of £500 on him which is about the price of one of the latest phones. Oh and there are deals available, you can have him for £35 a month on a two year contract at the end of which you can keep him or renew the contract and exchange him for one of my latest works.
Mr Mobile Phone
Mr Mobile Phone
Mr Mobile Phone back view
Mr Mobile Phone back view

The Thinker at the Fountain

Thinker at the Fountain-1024x980
The Thinker at the Fountain


The first sculpture created to be printed with, THE *wildcard* CREATOR,  is called, ‘ The Thinker at the Fountain ‘ . The image attached to this post is a virtual photograph, made with the Blender application, of what the sculpture would look like as to date it only exists in the memory chips of computers.
The sculpture was created entirely in a virtual space created using the Blender application by combining two 3D files downloaded from the website, . This site allows designers of 3D objects to upload, store and share their 3D designs.  After opening an account on Thingiverse the resulting file was uploaded and made available to share with other members and anyone else who visits the Thingiverse website.

The Thinker at the Fountain is a reality


The Thinker at the Fountain


This image was first posted on Facebook and I’m just getting round to posting it here. You are looking at a picture of the only physical version of,  The Thinker at the Fountain,  that exists at the moment. Had to have the Thinker sitting inside the Fountain as when sitting on the edge there are too many undercuts. I found it interesting that both Degas and DuChamp were alive at the same time.

The ' *Wildcard Creator* '

Latest Sculpture, The Repstrap 3D printer named, ” The * WILDCARD * Creator “

Finally got around to posting some images of the RepStrap 3D printer after spending most of 2012 meticulously crafting it from carefully selected bits and pieces found in my collection of unwanted tech artifacts donated by a varied collection of worthy souls in the ‘Hack Space Sculpture Studio’

The printer is that collection of metal, glass and wood in the centre of the image.The 3D objects are built a layer at a time on the piece of glass.

The glass build plate is mounted on a stripped down scanner and moves backwards and forwards . It is also moved up and down by the screw thread you can just see on the left of the picture.

The wooden structure that looks a bit like a printer cartridge is mounted on a 2D printer carriage which moves it from left to right.
In the bottom of the wooden structure is mounted the Hot End. This is where a controlled stream of molten plastic is extruded to form each layer of the model being printed.

So far have managed to get one or two test pieces to build. You can see the early rejects in the bottom right of the image.

His and Hers jewellery boxes

His & Hers
His & Hers


Thought I’d get back into the blogging with pics of some boxes I made  during  Autumn 2012. The boxes are variation on the basic, bandsaw box, design. Demonstrations of the technique can be found on You Tube and are quite straightforward to follow if you have a bandsaw and fancy having a go.

Tangram Egg Puzzle card

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Interest in eggs reaches it’s height about now, especially for chocolate lovers and those who manufacture it, some people also like to send each other cards.
The Tangram Egg Puzzle card has been around for a while now and  a quick Google on the subject will bring up lots of images and instructions.
The Tangram Egg can build anything that you can imagine with it’s nine pieces so cut along the lines to get those pieces and play with them until it’s built .
Colour and add some details then reassemble the pieces into the egg shape that is your Tangram Egg Puzzle.


TangramEgg PDF  click for download

Tangram Egg

Tangram Egg Template

The Nanologist collection 2

Capacidump Burnleii


Capacipulse Burnleii


These nano creatures are called photovores because they ‘ eat ‘ light to gain the energy they require for life processes.
They are mounted as Naturalists would mount and collect a real specimen today.
As I discovered these two photovores I get to name them using my surname. The one on the left is named Capacipulse Burnleii ,
the one on the right Capacidump Burnleii.