Photovore dissection

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The Nanologist has performed a dissection of a photovore to show it’s inner workings for those who are interested. Further information is to be found under Mark W Tilden on Wikipedia , and Dave Hrynkiw,

Mobile phone

Spring cleaning in the studio unearthed my old friend Drum Head. He emerged from a piece of decaying ornamental cherry a few years ago and was fitted with a Yamaha drum machine. Decided to rename him to, ‘ Mr Mobile … Continued

The Dryads

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Work on the Dryad series  completed during 2011. My first attempts at creating sculptures that show a transition between a spirit form and a human form.

Head from a post

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Just been to Honley to give a couple of the sculptures their annual oiling. This is one of The four winds, the East wind, which is now an annual trophy given to the winner of the Hepworth Dryad, a five-mile … Continued

TATE Liverpool visit

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Was delighted to find one of the replicas of Marcel Duchamps sculpture, The Fountain, on show in the, ” This is Sculpture exhibition ” at the Tate Liverpool.        

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