Mobile Phone Test post

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This is a test post not a fence post. View from the top of Redcar Vertical Pier looking out across the Tees estuary wind farm and on towards Hartlepool, locally known as the ‘ Elta Skelta ‘.

After the Hack

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  Yes, I was away on holiday when the Hack happened and so the site has been down for three weeks so far. I am just getting to grips with the reconstruction, I was about to update the theme anyway … Continued

Culminating thoughts….

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It’s strange to be in two minds, one is focused on adding content from my old website which was focussed on providing a record of finished works and the other is focussing on providing a record of the journey from … Continued

Finally …. WordPress……Yeh!

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Hi, Finally I have achieved WordPress status after reading about new developments in managing websites about three years ago. At that time I was hand crafting using Webfusion  and Nvu then ftp to upload. Well now all the bits … Continued

Th’Owd Towser

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  What a way to be woken up. I feel like I’ve just got out of jail!!! It’s time to stop the ‘Rip Van Winkle’ mode and ‘ flag a blog ‘. I’ll come to ‘Th’Owd Towser’ shortly but ‘Hear … Continued

Brown Paper Bag

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Now, mentioning the fact that paper bags are sometimes square is pushing a link to my last post in case it sinks without trace due to lack of activity. Bit like the performer running around keeping plates balancing on the … Continued

This years entry !

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Maybe this is the start of a more active blog, who knows, I just found an extension for the Firefox web browser called, ScribeFire, yes you guessed it, a blogging tool. Now I can prep, preview then publish as and … Continued

ARTLINE08 at Slawit Studio

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ARTLINE08 was the first art show at the recently opened Jane Galvin Gallery in the Slawit studio which is located in a village called Slaithwaite in the Colne Valley, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. As you can see the preview night got … Continued

Walks around Marsden

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Installed Picasa on my Ubuntu box during the summer and just got around to checking out some of the newer features. ( Picasa is default set to automatically update to beta versions ). So here is my first blog using … Continued

Holmfirth Art Week

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Open to the public from 10.00 a.m. today and one of the major art happenings around Huddersfield is the annual Holmfirth Art Week. Two of the Soul Oaks are at the show all week drinking in the heady arty brew … Continued

Ripple 6

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May bank holiday and we’re into Ripple 6… Marsden’s annual chance to view the work of outstanding contemporary artists working in England and from around the world through our Myspace friends. Visit to network with artists from around the … Continued


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Jack Frost A Celtic culture festival which takes place on February 2nd Halfway between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox. More at The festival which takes place in Marsden, West Yorkshire, England and known as the, Marsden Imbolc, … Continued

Blog the Blog

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Verging terror-tory as you can read and therefore have some in – sight ( maybe mental pictures ) you may deduce that this is the first time I have entered the sphere of blogging. Today I’m exploring setting up the … Continued

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