First Time

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Just finished reworking a 1984 poem inspired by my first visit to a live ballet performance of Alice in Wonderland in Darlington. The Poem is part of the Huddersfield Open Studios Trail, Artist collaboration, where images are inspired by words … Continued

New Scientist May 2011

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  Milk goes ultraviolet Wine under the lamps Green Spangled banner Nature’s great masterpiece Out of Africa Into the breeches A suitable relationship Food for thought A new approach J.Burnley. 20th May 2011

Quantum Reality ?

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Quantum Reality It’s a step in the right direction It’s fun and it’s one for all. ” It’s an ebit with a qubit “ Information to reality calls. ” No, you see me “ ” Now, you don’t “ ” … Continued


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Windows The face at the window is looking at me The face at the window has nothing to see Dark glasses, two eyes The cat blinks Nonchalantly Emanating purr thoughts Bounce off the walls provocatively Dark glasses, two eyes The … Continued

Wash Machine Blues

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Wash Machine Blues   Andrew, he got a washmachine, and it won’t wash a single sock Andrew, he got a washmachine, and it won’t wash a single sock Whatever has he done, whatever has the poor boy done Andrew, he … Continued

Scientia Mirabilis

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Scientia Mirabilis Mission in life The World ” VITAL PRINCIPLES “ Operations of the senses Tiny pineal gland ” Animal spirits “ Information from the senses Brain by cords Ultimate conclusion Shuttle signals Receptor sites Brain cells Precise docking Molecules … Continued


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iPoem   iPhone, iPad iThink, iTherefore iAm, iFreakout iRing, iLive iRecord, iShut iDie, iLive on Channel, i-Infinity i and beyond   J.Burnley. 24th July 2011


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SCULPTURE AS : Containment;      field, fold Cincture;               ground, list, pale Close;                     paling, park, pen Confine;             … Continued


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Chatsworth Autumn kissed leaves Separated without notice Float, frolic and fall Across zephyrs, Sun flared red, To end their days In green thin graves J.Burnley. 19th November 2010

Return of the Coombes’ Canvas

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Coombes’ Canvas Pivotal point Pause point Paint point Producing percieved pigments Playing piquant pricking polymorphisms ‘Pan parietal plasticity Precurse Picture plus parfait pleasure J.Burnley 29th September 2010

Marsden Names

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Marsden Names   Back, Redbrook, Long, Oakner, Wicking, Oldgate, Willykay, Stonepit Lee Green Owlers, Head, Bradshaw, Drop, Theives, Butterly, Carr, Badger gate, Cellars, Old, Purl, Blake, Wool J.Burnley. 9th September 2010


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FIGOLU If you ever see sight of the OLD FIGOLU Don’t be tempted to take even the smallest of chew But few can resist ’cause….. He’ll flirt you with fromjous, frickalous, faboo, And get into your mouth with a fick, … Continued

Gibraltar Farm Sunset

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Gibraltar Farm Sunset   The rock is crawling with the little critters Hide and seeking, King of the castle beating All around not seeing, The rays of the exploding Sun Beaconing over swallow kissed meadow grass Tripping the light fantastic, … Continued

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