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New Scientist magazine has a long history in my life on Earth. I first had my eyes opened  to the future when I first entered the library at Darlington College of  Education ever so many years ago.

I was fortunate , a few years ago, to acquire a subscription to the magazine and have been saving copies for years. At one copy per week that’s 52 a year and storage problems !!! !  So in 2002 I thought I would make a collage of each week / month / quarter, to create a kind of contemporary snapshot of what was happening at the forefront of scientific endeavour, I managed three then gave up. I’ve been giving them away to anyone who says they want to read them since then.

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I decided to start again and this time add pictures of them  to the blog/website.  I started with the issues from May this year and had set out the cutting table when we decided to redecorate the master bedroom after a visit to see Mick and Paula at Honley warehouse where we bought a new wardrobe. That’s all finished now and the collage for May was completed on Friday.