What’s Cooking tonight, Mr. B?

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Been hunting down a magazine copy of netobjects fusion 8 that I lent to a friend. Well, he resides the other side of Upperthong, about ten mins away so off I went. Turns out it’s not the right friend or version. Got a cup of coffee and a chat. Stefan is a furniture designer and other stuff. At the moment he’s working on a novel bird house. Check out his site, www.landartbasics.co.uk.

Did some cleaning out in the new camper van, a VW T4 2.5TDI Westfalia California, so, I was using an old tooth brush to clean the flooring, it’s got lots of small raised squares, to get in the cracks, got lots of funny looks from the neighbours and a slurred giggling, Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of rum, hick, from Hazel, anyhow, now it looks brand spanking new so watch it with those muddy boots!!!

misterburnley.com , the artist !!! has been using his fathers legacy, tubes of oil paint he hadn’t used before he died, and ……. p..a..i..n..t..i..n..g…. ooohh that is soooo hard to do I hear him cry out in pain. Well, yeah he’s been making his own canvas frames and painting them with a flexible plaster ground, like a dog treading round and round to make a bed before it lies down to sleep. That’s taken about 3 weeks. So now there are three canvasses and one picture finished. It’s titled, Entanglement 1, something to do with quantum theory I think he said, read it in one of his weekly New Scientists, his fount of all knowledge. If it works when I insert a pic you should see it below, if not then I’ll stick it on a picassa link tomorrow. Because…. the bathtime call has reached my ears, that means Hazel has disrobed and I should get along to the bathroom pronto.