Gro-Bot Organeec 7 : Putting the pieces inside the box

Putting the bits into the box, that is the question…. a bit of trial and error … The air stone is a cylindrical one not circular not sure what difference it will make, it’s air pump is outside at the back and feeds up through the drain hole. The lack box visible on the shelf is the water circulation pump, the air circulation fan is an old 12 volt car dashboard mounted 2 speed with a rubber suction mount, the camera unit is there as is the LED lighting panel mounted on the underneath of the freezer compartment. Inside the freezer compartment are the beginnings of the box to house the electronics with the hair dryer on top.

Below is the exterior view, looking down, of the back of the Gro-Bot. ere you can see the mains extension lead to which the mains devices are connected. I have used an extra individual 12v relay connected to each of the mains devices switching the live feed. Each of these is connected separately to the relay board in order to further reduce the possibility of mains shorting inside the Gro-Bot.