Off, off, and away in our beautiful VaWoom

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Woke at 4.30 this am, been surfing since then. Still need to get green transport attached to Vee UU transport then head for campsite 1 close to Sizergh castle, south lakes for a couple of, nights!!

Surfing, the name that has become associated with the activity of connecting to the World Wide Network, ( commonly known as the Net or Internet ), of computers and letting yourself select from and follow the connections that are presented to you on your viewing screen. I’d like to change it.
The activity, for me, does not bring to mind the same, fast, energetic, youthful, sensations as those generated by the water sport of the same name, but more those of the activity called, beach combing, those with a natural pace punctuated by frequent stops to scan the far off horizon for signs of ships, a general slow intake of the zinging, ozonified, sea air and to gaze across the silver wet surface of the abundantly, pebble strewn, beach in anticipation of that wondrous, revelationary like moment when, one of the, sea shaped pebbles, uniquely catches your attention and you are powerless to stop yourself from stooping to pick it up, admire it’s attributes and pop it into your pocket so that it can be added to your collection when you get back home.
So, Beach Combing not Surfing? It’s too cumbersome, probably needs to be one word, so the search is on for a new word, Beaching, Combing, Beachombing, Beachoming, Chombing, I’ll let you know when I find one or maybe you will find it, if you do then let me know.

Artistic idea No. 1. Publish list of web site addresses visited during a session on selected theme as a poem.

I’ll work on that for the next Sklog.

As one of the places we are staying is Roslin near Edinburgh I was looking at some links connected with the name that came up on a goggle web search and found, , check it out.